Plans For Perth 2015

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This is probably the most impromptu and spontaneous trip I have ever done. I wouldn't say that it was the most impromptu one, because that would definitely be rewarded to my trip to Seoul seeing how I only had less than a month's notice. This is gonna be the most spontaneous one because:

I do not do proper planning or budgeting for this trip. 

I did not save up nor did I do any proper budgeting or itinerary planning before leaving. I'm leaving in less than 12 hours and my bags aren't even packed. I don't even know which bag to bring with me. I have browsed the internet for recommendations and I have done a rough list of places that I want to visit, things things I wanna do and food I would love to try - that's absolutely normal. However, I hate touristy places and I have to keep in mind that I'm not traveling alone, so I cannot make decisions based on what I want alone. This brings me to point number two.

I have never spent more than an hour with any of the people traveling with me.

Initially, I asked Hafiz (as usual) to travel to Perth with me for my birthday and also to escape the SG50 crowd in our overpopulated country. However, he had a gut feeling that he would somehow be needed either by his family or the government for the national day weekend and boy, was he right. He is now away practicing with powder grenades and disengaging fake bombs as I'm typing this. In other words, reservist.

Plan B was for me to travel solo to Darwin and explore the Northern Territory on my own. However, the flight to Ayers Rock costed a bomb and I'm still such a loser timid traveler so I decided to post a picture of the Australian outbacks on my Instagram, opening the invitation to whoever that wants to tag along with me. I wasn't expecting anyone to jump on the wagon with me but what a surprise, I've got four girls flying off with me. Somehow the destination got altered to Perth instead of Darwin.

Places I want to visit:
  • Perth Zoo
  • Fremantle Markets
  • Harbour Town
  • Swan Lake
  • Blue House
  • Adventure World
  • The Pinnacles 
Things I want to do:
  • Australian Kebab
  • Skydiving At J-Bay
  • Fremantle Fish & Chips
  • Trek Up Kings Park 
  • Fremantle Prison Tour
  • Selfie With A Koala Bear
  • Sand boarding

    It isn't much, but my main objective for the trip is to simply get away from the public holiday crowd and maybe celebrate my birthday while I'm there. Also, I believe that friends who travel together either make it or break it and I have had my fair share of good and bad travel experiences, so I'm excited to see how this trip goes. Hopefully well :) 

    As unorganized as it feels, it is actually pretty exciting at the same time. I can't wait to share my trip with you. Follow me on instagram and twitter to keep up :)