I honestly miss blogging.

Although my blog is still up and running, I feel like it has lost it's personal touch. My entries feel so commercialised. They are either advertisements or publicity articles. Even my travel posts feel like a complete review instead of travel diary entry. I have also became one of those who constantly checked on the number of page views, visitor counts and statistics. I never thought I would actually complain about this but whoa, I never thought I'd be that girl.

Personal posts are boring and lengthy, but I miss writing them. I will be adding an additional tag (#personal) for lengthy rants like this- at least once a few weeks. I hope it won't chase any of the current readers away!

On another note, I am currently blogging through my new phone. I used to hate blogging via mobile but now that the screen's so much bigger, it's much more bearable to type. After much consideration, I decided to settle for the iPhone 6 instead of waiting for the iPhone 6s to be on sale in Singapore at the end of the month. Not that I am urgently in need of a new phone, though. I just thought that the additional bucks saved could be used for a new DSLR or GoPro instead. Hehe.

Anyway, I think it's time I head to bed. Gotta be up as early as six for work tomorrow, just because I have to travel two hours to the workplace. It's been nine years and I used to like working far from home but in all honesty, I'm sick and tired of it now. Time to start job hunting soon. But for now, goodnight everyone! x
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