Seoul, South Korea - Day 5/7

The trip was starting to feel a little draggy because I was starting to miss home, but at the same time I didn't want it to end. Our fifth day, just like how it was every other day, began in the wee hours. Our itinerary today consists of a visit to the children's museum in the morning and then back to rehearsals again in the afternoon. I bet some of your are cringing, thinking - rehearsals again? Haha need I remind you, I was technically working. Ba dum tss. Thank god my students were awesome.

While my students enjoyed the museum and its displays, I took my own sweet time to appreciate the vast greenery outside of the building instead. 

It felt really good especially after being "stuck" with a whole group of strangers for almost a week. I was secretly starting to lose my mind a little. I read somewhere that spending hours roaming around an unfamiliar place has been proven to be good for the soul- and I did exactly that.

I ventured around what seemed to be a park, took self timer photos and then when I got tired and thirsty, entered the main building of the museum to get myself a cup of iced coffee and spent some time in the contemporary souvenir shop. Lovely time spent soul searching and trying to convince myself that it is time to try and travel solo for a change. Maybe next year.

Dinner was at an exotic restaurant that had a pretty decent view and served many different types of cuisines- Japanese, Asian, Western and of course, Korean. Like many restaurants there, it wasn't halal certified. However, there was a section exclusively for Muslims. We were isolated and although the food choices were of much lesser variety as compared to the main section, it was still pretty yummy. I loved the Teriyaki Salmon. Probably one of the biggest meals throughout the trip!

I guess that is all for day five. One last write up on day six and seven before I wrap up my Seoul travelogue, and then move along to the video compilation. Oh how I miss being a freelancer and having all the time in the world to do things at my own pace. Til next time, guys. Adieu!