Hello stranger.

Hello stranger,

The last time I was single, was five years ago. I never expected being in a relationship to be this overwhelming. Everyone else made it looked so easy to fall in love but here I am, barely breathing and trying so hard not to drown. I read somewhere that when two people get into a relationship, they need to be two different wholes that come together. You should not expect your partner to complete you, you complete yourself. It is like a mathematical graph where two circles overlap in the middle - and right there, that overlapping area is where the two of you are infinite.

Unfortunately, I was a half and so was he.

I took down all of his photos from the huge notice board in my room today. I didn't know that I had that many snapshots of the same person, just from many different angles and of different facial expressions. I have been trying to avoid updating my social media platforms. I didn't want anyone to know how pathetic I felt but it's time I got a hold of myself.