For the broken hearted

YouTube has been one of the greatest influences in motion pictures and Wong Fu Productions are one of the few who made videos that made sense. I have been a subscriber since they first started but as the years go by, their videos keeps getting better and better. I guess different channels have different objectives and goals, depending on who they choose as their audiences and what category their video genre falls under.

However, I love Wong Fu Productions because they make videos that keeps you wanting more, short stories that are extremely relatable and keeps you company while you're alone- ones that could even make you cry. Here's one of my favorites, and most relatable one at this point in my life:

It just.. speaks to me and if you are going through a heartbreak too (which you probably are, seeing how you clicked on the title of this blog post) it will speak to you too. Every minute of it is so relatable, it's almost scary how coincidental everything is. I have written out the narration of the video - italics being me and regular being the voice in my head.

Stage 1 - Reminiscing & Retracting

I don't wanna get up. 

That's fine, you can lay here all day, you can cry all night. You're allowed to do all the things you promised yourself you'd never do. Like listen to the old voice message just to hear his voice, or wish he'd message you, just so you know he's thinking of you too. But at the same time wish he wouldn't, cos it would just make you miss him more. And you know you shouldn't but you text him, maybe even call him. You fight it but you lose.

I miss everything about him. How sturdy he felt when I hugged him tight. The way he would rest his chin on top of my head. How reassuring his hand felt as he guided me through a crowd. I miss it all.

That's okay. You're allowed to. You're supposed to. It's okay to look like crap and not care. Who are you trying to impress anyway. Do you see him?


It's okay to purposely avoid all those places and things. You just wanna be alone. Your friends insisted on taking you out, but all you want is to shut off all the lights, curl up in bed and cry some more. Your friends try to help by saying, "You can do so much better" or "I didn't like him anyways".

I don't wanna hear any of that. It doesn't help at all. I just want him back in my life.

Or do you just miss the thought of him? You miss the routine, the comfort, the body. That's all. At this point you just miss him, and that's okay.

Stage 2 - Release

Do you wanna get up?

Actually I do.
How long was I there? 

It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're ready. I think you can put some effort into looking sort of decent. Call up one or two of your closest friends to catch up. You're ready to talk a little bit about your ex but this time, with a clear head. You might see cute guys with your eyes but nothing stirs inside your heart. No butterflies, no sparks, no interest.

.....Because I still miss him.

You will for awhile, but at least the urges to contact him or check up become less frequent. You just have to learn to suppress those urges now.

Stage 3 - Rebuilding

One day becomes two, two becomes a week. Weeks become months and soon you'll be ready to prove to yourself that you can live on. You actually wanna go out. Socialize, meet new people, talk, laugh, flirt.

I'm a little rusty.

That's okay. It's been awhile. As long as you're smiling again.

You start doing things towards a better version of you. Trying a fruit cleanse. Finally taking that trip to Europe. Trying yoga for the first time. Cutting your hair. Running a marathon. Checking out a museum. Cleaning out your own clothes. You start to see life without him.

I thought he was the one, we both did.
It did feel special. It was, and it always will be.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, something can always hold you back from moving on. A lingering memory, a false hope, and you fall back a few steps. But if you can be strong, you'll finally make it out.

Stage 4 - Renewed

The world is brighter, happier, lighter. That huge weight of pain and fear has been lifted and all you feel is excitement. Excitement for what's to come. Excitement for the possibilities. At this point, it's not even about finding another person to love. It's about finding who you are as a person, as a human. It's only when you don't have to consider anyone else, that you can focus completely on your life, in creating the best possible version of yourself.

Apparently, according to them, there are four stages that comes after a break up. This short story helped me get through the heartbreak and every time I felt like I'm worthless, I watched it all over again because it reminded me that it is absolutely okay to feel miserable for awhile, as long as you know that at the end of the day, you can and you need to get back up on your own two feet. I guess I am currently somewhere in the middle of stage two, but I sure hope that I can get to stage four as soon as possible, and if you're facing the same, I hope you do, too. 
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