Kuala Lumpur in Squares.

Dinner at secret recipe with my mother while waiting for our flight to KL.

The atmosphere at the mosque is completely different as compared to the atmosphere in Singapore. The community here is so close knitted, they get together after Thursday night tahlil to prepare a huge portion of food, from porridge to noodles to tea, and then give it out for free to those at the mosque.

On the left is the food that was given to me for free after the tahlil. I was clearly a foreigner but yet the aunties there were all so friendly and welcoming, I felt at ease. On the right was this yummy (but high calorie) sandwich that is famous is Malaysia called the Oblong Ramly Burger. It's like a cheaper and more sinful version of Subway.

My favorite street food - Malaysia's version of Old Chang Kee that comes with sweet and spicy sauce. And a picture of what kept me occupied while waiting for my flight back to Singapore. I bought that book at the airport and am already halfway through it while on the flight back. A really good read!

If there's one thing I like about traveling is the chance to check out and pray in the different prayer rooms around the world. I had a few hours to waste before my flight, so I got to check out KLIA's quaint little prayer room.

That's about it from my super short and impromptu trip to Kuala Lumpur. I didn't take as many pictures as I usually would on a trip because it wasn't just any trip, as I've mentioned earlier. Nonetheless, back to reality now. Follow me for more squares on

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