Life Lately

I somehow went on an unannounced hiatus from my blog for quite awhile now. I have been updating my instagram and twitter on a daily basis and I know that that doesn't compensate my lack of effort but I just couldn't make myself sit down and write, or blog, if you're looking at this context. So much has happened since my last life lately update (which was in August) which didn't really help with my current situation. It is extremely hard trying to get inspired to write when all you really feel is uninspired. I know I don't have that many readers, but if you were looking forward to blog posts from me, I am truly sorry. Here's what I've been up to the past three months :)

As you already know, I am a workaholic and work only begins after coffee.

I have succumbed to the temptations and bought myself the GoPro Hero 4, after much consideration (and many debates with my friend, Din) on whether I should get the Silver or Black, I got the Silver for two reasons- the touchscreen as well as the fact that it's almost a hundred dollars cheaper. I have also been spending quite a lot of my time staying home and editing backlogs of videos. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to.

I took an urgent trip to the neighboring country. Read it here.

Night drives after work (which ends at two in the morning) with Sid on the wheels, just to have yummy food for supper and long talks on our travel plans. Supper and night drives are pretty much my only motivation to complete the zombie hours. I'm sure glad that the Halloween months is over.

I went for a friend's wedding with Ezza and although it was a short visit, I really enjoyed myself. The wedding was held at such a gorgeous venue with an outdoor dining area overlooking a reservoir, that still looked amazing despite the hazy weather. Thank you Cikgu for inviting us and congratulations once again on your big day :)

I like roaming the airport and parking myself by the viewing glass with my laptop just to do my work. There's just something about the airport that makes me feel like anything is possible. There's just so much of the world that I have yet to see! Everything is a choice, but yet, here I am choosing to stay in Singapore and still trying to keep myself together. Some days I wonder why I'm torturing myself with so much work or assignments, some days I wish I can just pack my bags and purchase a one way ticket somewhere to live a nomadic life, but most days I choose to endure and get through week by week, hoping to one day feel "accomplished" by the checklist that I have set for myself. 3 years til I hit the quarter life crisis. I'm definitely having a love hate relationship with growing up. - Taken from my instagram.

I finally met up with two of my good friends, Haziq and Eyla, after what seemed like months for the former and years for the latter. I'm both happy and sad that we are still the same as we were when we last saw each other. Happy because it feels like nothing has changed between us but sad because I have missed out on so much of their lives while being so busy with my own. They love me still, and for that I'm grateful.

I finally got out from the fitness rut and convinced myself that I should treat my body better.

I just came back from revisiting Bangkok with three of my closest friends. It was amazing and despite the thirty degree weather, I had so much fun. I ate like I never knew calories, I shopped like I had a million dollars and I went for a massage almost every night, but I'll save that for a separate post :)

The last two months have been such a challenge to overcome, but I'm almost there, to the end of the year. I keep telling myself that many have it far worse than me, not just for the sake of self help, but because it is true, so there is no excuse for me not to get through this. There are so many changes and my life is currently transitioning in the most unexpected ways possible but I have a feeling that better things are coming, if God permits. Although I am still uncertain and full of doubt on most days, I guess it's time I get myself together and jump off of this emotional roller coaster because I am not in any way going to let the year end on a negative note.

I know I don't have that many readers, but to the ones who have been reading my blog with the most genuine of intentions, please know that the support and advice that you have given me through the years are what makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for reading and goodnight everyone :)