Explore: Elizabeth's Secondhand Bookshop (Perth)

23 Queen Victoria St
Fremantle Western Australia 6160

Right on the corner of Fremantle sits this quaint and cosy little book store with a fantastic selection of books ranging from literary arts, travel, self help, fiction and even comics. There is even a section with secondhand vinyls and I find that to be extremely rare and difficult to find nowadays.

Thumbs up
My favorite section of the store has got to be their unique marketing idea called "Blind Date With A Book" that was originally started by Elizabeth herself. As seen above in picture number three, it is where they get staffs to read and review a book, wrap it up in brown paper, and only write down like five pointers to summarize what the book is about. They have a label to say which category the book falls under (E.g. Chick Lit or Mystery or Romance) but that's about it. This way, you cannot take a peak inside, you don't know who the author is and you cannot judge a book by it's cover. Amazing! 

You can even sell off your books at the store, in exchange for cash. The staffs are extremely helpful and friendly but as how it is across Australia, it is within their retail  culture where staffs will leave you to yourself unless you seek assistance. I love it this way, because I take my own sweet time to check out every nook and cranny of the store yet not feel pressurized to make a prompt decision or purchase anything if I don't want to. 

I did purchase a few items though. I got four Marvel comic books for my then boyfriend and younger brother for only SGD2 each, a small travel guide for SGD5 and one BDWAB book labelled Chick Literature for SGD12. I have yet to rip off the pages and give it a read though, but I still have a few other books on my shelf that I bought but have not read. I should really stop purchasing new ones and probably rip this brown paper packaging off on my next birthday.

Thumbs down
I don't really have anything negative to say about this store, except that it might get crowded over the weekends with tourists paying it a visit and frequent visitors loitering around inside and reading a book right by the shelf. I came on a Monday evening so it was pretty quiet. Oh and if you come in in the afternoon, the books might have been messed up by previous customers, which means that everything wouldn't be as prim and proper as it should be - but that is where the fun comes in because then you can search high and low for hidden treasures with marked down prices depending on your luck :)

My Verdict?
If you are a bookworm like me who loves spending money on marked down prices, or if you have a thing for vintage vinyls or cheap comic books then do give this place a visit while you're around Freo. It has so much positive vintage vibes, you'll feel intrigued to grab at least one book off the shelf to take on that flight back home. There are quite a number of brand new books inside that are fairly cheaper than the ones you find in mainstream book stores but do keep in mind that this (as the name suggests) is a secondhand bookshop, so keep your expectations low and you'll be in for a treat.


This review was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned, and was written under my own initiative. All visuals and opinions here are as always, my own.