What We Ate In Bangkok - Part 1

I have always loved for it's Muslim community but little did I know that Bangkok has it's own too. The weather was extremely humid when I visited last month, which resulted in us frequently opting for an air-conditioned food place instead of eating out on the streets. Nonetheless, here is my fair share of Bangkok street food all chucked into one post :)

Thai Street Pancake - 40 baht (SGD 1.60) // If you've ever been to the land of smiles, you'll know that you can find this anywhere there, no matter which city you're in. It is best eaten warm and I like to request for it to be crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Roam around to find the stall that has variety of flavours. My personal favorite is the one pictured on the right - plain egg pancake topped with condensed milk. Oh yes.

Designer Ice Cream - 80 baht (SGD 3.10) // It isn't exactly cheap but Azza and I have been seeing this tiny ice cream van quite a few times while walking around Pratunam Market and ended up falling for how cute they were. I had the Mint & Chocolate Chip and it was really good!

Thai Iced Coffee - 40 baht (SGD 1.60) // This was definitely my go-to drink every morning. Hotels don't have this glorious cup of caffeine but just any local eatery would. If only I could have this in Singapore every morning, I'd start everyday right for sure!

Authentic Thai Iced Tea - 20 baht (SGD 0.80) // Initially wanted the regular Thai Milk Tea but I think I ordered wrongly. Either that or the street seller and I couldn't understand each other. But it was a good surprise when I took a sip of the drink though, my first time drinking it without milk and boy, was it good.

Giant Iced Thai Milk Tea - 70 baht (SGD 2.75) // I was desperately searching for a drink to counter the spicy sauce while eating some sausages at Rod Fai Market and this was my savior. It's basically a whole liter worth of Thai Milk Tea topped with whipped cream. I don't consume whipped cream but again, language barrier caused me some extra calories.

Frozen Thai Milk Tea - 70 baht (SGD 2.75) // Black Canyon Coffee is basically a cheaper version of Coffee Bean. I thought I'd be sick of Thai Milk Tea by the end of the trip, but turns out I still enjoyed it to every last drop. The taste of the tea in the frozen one isn't as strong though, but it was still a good thirst quencher on a hot day.

Minced Chicken & Fishball Noodles - 60 baht (SGD 2.35) // I bought this while on the boat during the floating market tour, hence the considerably steep price for a bowl of noodles. Be careful though, because there are many stalls along the river that sells food, both on stilt houses or on the boats itself) but not all of them are halal. In fact, most of them are not. However, there are a few halal stalls owned by local Muslims on the river paths that are less traveled. Simply let your boatman know and he'll bring you there where you can find something that floats your boat. Pun intended, obviously!

Check out this article by HHWT on five halal street foods that everyone should try. I stumbled upon this article before departing, thinking that it would've definitely came in handy during my visit last month. Unfortunately for us, we did not chance upon any of the street vendors listed seeing how we chose to dine indoors on most days. Nonetheless, it will definitely help those of you who are planning a visit to this shopping haven soon :)