24 Hours Across The Border

My friends and I took a trip down to Johor last Saturday. Arwis wanted to wash his car while Haiqal and I are both simply bored to death, so we tagged along to satisfy our food cravings and get some office necessities- simply said, just more food and drinks for our daily consumption. Hehe.


Thank god we listened to Arwis and met super duper early in the morning because if not, we would have been caught up in the four hour traffic that came in shortly after we crossed the border. The four of us had absolutely no plans whatsoever and somehow one of us blurted out Boat Noodle at Sutera Mall, and that was where we headed to. 


Boat Noodle was pretty okay to me, nothing impressive. I wrote about our visit to Boat Noodle a few days ago. After stuffing ourselves with bowl after bowl of noodles and blended milk tea, we planned to try the escape room there but the mall was so freaking huge, we walked to almost every corner, but couldn't find the place and oddly enough, there wasn't any directory to be found, so we drove off to another mall that we were more familiar with instead.


We caught The Fifth Wave spontaneously. As in, bought the tickets five minutes before the screening started kind of spontaneous and it was pretty good, except for the abrupt ending. ChloΓ« Grace Moretz and Alex Roe were in it so I was starry eyed the whole time. I did some crazy ass shopping at one of the sports outlet after the movie because all of the Karrimor items were marked down to almost seventy percent off - how could I resist!


We got hungry again shortly after so a seafood feast seemed appropriate at that time. I don't know about others but whenever my friends talk about cheap seafood across the border, the place that is highly mentioned would be Senibong Cove. Sadly for me though, I'm allergic to seafood so I couldn't enjoy as much as everyone else but that's okay cos the fish and watermelon milk was amazing. Plus it only costs RM150 for the whole table!


We made one last stop to Pasar Karat and sheesha afterwards, before making our way back to Singapore. It was an extremely long day but a very productive one indeed. I started the morning telling myself that I don't see myself buying anything but all of us went home with two huge plastic bags each. Heh, story of our lives.