Explore: Coney Island (Singapore)

Coney Island had always been on my list of places to visit in Singapore but I just never had the time or companion to explore it with- hence I chucked the idea aside for a long time, that was until the boss gave us an extra off day last week. Staying home was never in the itinerary, so when Sarah made impromptu plans to explore this well raved island filled with Casuarina trees, I agreed to it without hesitation.

There are already loads of articles online (like  thisthis and this) about what you should know or what to expect when paying Coney Island a visit, so I shall not blabber like I know the place at the back of my head. I'll just share with you some of the shots we took of the place. All shots of me, taken by Sarah D (and vice versa) using either the Canon EOS 550D with a 50mm lens, my Gopro Hero4 Silver or our iPhones.

How I got there: 
There isn't any parking spaces for miles out so you'd better think twice before driving. The best way to get there is definitely by bicycles. If you have your own, you can either come in through the East Entrance (from Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 6 or Lorong Halus) or through the West Entrance (Punggol Point Park).

If you want to wander around by foot or if you don't own a bicycle, do it like me. Take bus service 84 from Punggol Interchange and alight at the 6th stop, where Punggol Point Park is. You'll see a very distinct bicycle rental kiosk on the far left.

Rent a bike (or just walk on foot) and follow the signboards along the park connector. It cost us SGD8 per bike for two full hours, and there are a few different kinda bikes for you to choose from. You'll be covering at least 5km of smooth and sandy terrains, so choose wisely my friends.

You're on the right path once you see the iconic west entrance gate.

Once you enter the island through either gates, you'll be greeted by rows and rows of Casuarina trees. I first knew about the tree in 2010. If you've been my friend on instagram back when I was still working at Changi Coast Adventure Center, you'd know how much I love these trees and boy, are they picturesque. All them Twilight vibes.

I loved how undeveloped the whole island is. From what I understood, NParks is preserving this island and making it into a zero-energy location, which simply means that everything on the island is environmentally friendly. There isn't any shops or amenities on the island, barely even any lights to guide the pathway, which also means that Coney Island is only open to public access from sunrise to sunset.

There is the promenade, a few beaches and a few trails for you to explore- and that's about it, really. I wouldn't say this is a place for everyone but I genuinely loved how peaceful it was right here.

If you are looking for a place with loads of photo opportunities and rustic vibes, this is it. I definitely didn't regret spending a few hours of my day exploring the place. There were quite a number of newlyweds taking their pre-wedding shots too. Sarah and I obviously took the opportunity to spam on the snaps.

Point to note though, there are loads of monkeys within the vicinity and along the board walk especially. As long as you practice good environmental awareness, you'll be okay. One of the habits is to simply keep your food or bottles inside your bag and avoid holding onto plastic bags, because monkeys are thieves when it comes to these kinda things.

Well ironically, being outdoor instructors and all, the two of us got so excited to take photos that we were totally caught off guard when a gang of monkeys (and I use gang because they literally came up against us) snatched away Sarah's peach tea. I'll save that story for ourselves to laugh at. 

Interesting place, definitely worth the visit if you're looking for something unique in this little red dot.