What We Ate In Bangkok - Part 2

If you are anything like me and love shopping sans food, then Bangkok is one of those countries that you will frequently visit. I have friends who are skeptical about being able to find halal food while traveling, to the extent where they choose not to travel at all, to avoid all the hassle of planning and researching but come on. There are Muslims all over the world and being a Muslim traveler isn't hard, really. You just need a little effort to know where to find the good stuff. 

It was thirty degrees when I visited Bangkok last month. As much as Bangkok is all about the cheap street food, the extremely humid weather was a complete turn off for me. I don't like sweating in inappropriate attire. I mean, if we were by the beach and the weather was as such, I would love it. But not when you're in jeans and flannels, lugging a huge shopping bag along with you.

I should stop blabbering. In no chronological order, here is a list of the six food places that I enjoyed and would surely revisit every time I am in Bangkok. For those who crave to eat off a proper table, preferably even somewhere that is air conditioned, but yet still affordable enough to not make you run off your budget, you are welcome.


As the name suggests, it is basically a food avenue on the fifth floor. Like an atas food court? Something like MarchΓ© when upon entering, you will be given this red card that records everything that you order- be it appetizers, main dishes or drinks. There are multiple stalls where you can simply walk around, view the example dishes on display, place your order and collect once it's ready. However, do take note that There a couple of halal stalls, and by that I mean, around four to five.

Price Range: 400 - 100 baht per person, per meal

What I liked: 
The amount of variety there is to choose from, from Thai - Indian - Mexican etc, and the portion of the servings. I dare say it's value for money for 400 baht per dish that mountains like that. Tourists also get a complimentary drink for free if you show your passport to the drink stall.

What I didn't like: 
The fact that while there were halal stalls, the stalls were not arranged in accordance to it, meaning a halal and a non-halal stall can be right next to each other. This restaurant also serves alcohol.



Located on the sixth floor of Platinum Fashion Mall, this is the best (and cheapest) place for shopaholics to dine at after a whole day of shopping up and down the other five levels. It has the same concept as The Fifth Avenue, operating using a specific card for patrons to reload and use.

Price Range: 200 - 500 baht per person

What I liked:
The mango sticky rice.

What I didn't like: 
The whole place can get super duper crowded from all the locals, tourists and staffs, with it being the only food court in the whole mall. Also, there is only two halal stalls selling chicken rice / tom yum noodles. That's about it. Even the taste of the dishes were mehhhhh.


Opened even after midnight til almost two in the morning, this place was like a lifesaver for us! What more with it being just across from our hotel. The best part was that the whole restaurant was empty when we came with our famished tummies after a good massage across the street. Perfect.

Price Range: 50 - 200 baht per person

What I liked:
How cheap the dishes were, and how cosy the restaurant was. There was even a fluffly snow white furball in the restaurant. Felt like I was eating at home or at a cat cafe, without the overpriced fees.

What I didn't like: 
Nothing :) 


Located right across from our hotel and right beside Madena Restaurant, this has got to be my favourite place to dine at whenever I'm around the area. In the morning, there is a Nasi Padang style breakfast at the shop front. The boys really enjoyed that. Through out the entire day, everything on the main menu is available.

Price Range: 50 - 200 baht per person

What I liked:
The iced coffee (I had to get a cup every morning, super addictive), the location, the super friendly uncle that served us - he speaks Malay, the price of the food and of course, the food itself. The shop can accommodate to quite a number of people with two sections to the dining area. My friends and I loved this place so much, we came here for four meals over the three days.

What I didn't like: 
The shop exterior is a little busy / dirty, with the busy road and I have seen a roach loitering around the shop front. 

I was complaining that everything in Thailand is either tom yum, or spicy, or a combination of both. This wasn't in the menu but the staff actually tweaked the dish and made this specially for me after overhearing my whining. Damn it was so, so, so good.


I did not get the actual name of this street cafe (partly because it was written in Thai and also because I was so indulged in the food) but they served the yummiest murtabak I have ever tasted. A murtabak is basically dough cooked with loads of onion and minced meat inside. Except this stall sells them with a variety of flavours. The also had a section where it was like Old Chang Kee, with street food on skewers costing 10 baht each, dipped in this super yummy sauce.

Price Range: 10 - 60 baht per person

What I liked:
The super friendly uncle that served us, his generosity when it came to the sauces / ingredients and the price of the things he sold. The shop space was also really, really cute and quaint with a seating area for you to enjoy your food. The uncle even served us right at our seats, I was so impressed.

What I didn't like: 
The fact that Rod Fai Market is so far away from the city center :( 

Writing this article during the fasting month..... the struggle is so real that I'm starting to miss Bangkok. Maybe I'm just hungry. But either way, I hope this helped amplify your hunger to travel and eat. I know it sure did that for me. Cheers!


This review was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned, and was written under my own initiative. All visuals and opinions here are as always, my own.