Macritchie Trek

Macritchie Tree Top Walk, Singapore

Throwback shots from the day I got to spend time with my really good friend, Khairi. Being the annoying gentleman that he is, he always lets me choose how we should spend the day so being the annoying girl that I am, I chose to torture him and dragged him on a fourteen kilometer trek up my favourite route. 

God knows our history (I shall not embarrass ourselves here) but I thank God for giving me a friend who has always been there for me since we were fourteen. I dare say, we literally saw each other grow from being troubled teens who prioritize nothing but soccer to young adults talking about our career plans, hopes, dreams and where we see ourselves in five years. Damn, I hate growing up. 

The weather was gorgeous throughout the whole fourteen kilometers, thank god. A little contradicting to all the calories burnt but of course, a trek up my favourite route wouldn't be complete without a pit stop to have my favourite dish: 

This may have come a little later than it should have but better late than never, no? I'm sorry for disappearing but I wish you all the best with your new career path, K. I'm constantly praying for your safety in the seas. Thank you for always advising me, and I'm thankful that we still talk comfortably although its been years since we last met. I'll see you again in a few months! :)