Ramadhan Calories And Catch Ups

I think I've broken my own record this year. I've lost count the number of times I visited Geylang and Johor. Growing up, I've always hated the crowd at these two places during the fasting month but somehow or rather, I found myself going to these places at least once or twice in a week. Or rather, every single group of friends that I had iftar plans with somehow had a visit to the bazaar or johor in their itinerary. I'm not complaining- I'm just amazed with my tolerance level this year.

Anyway! I'm really going directionless with this post so I guess I might as well turn this into something interesting. Here's a visual post with a photo spam of all the food I ate, plus all the friends I met during this precious month.

Four Fingers from Jurong Point • iShell Out at Kilang Bateri

Air Kathira from Faris Amsyar's dad • Fish & Chips from Al-Fayeed Cafe

Burrito Salad Bowl from Stuff'd • Goreng Pisang Cheese Chocolate from Bazaar Woodlands

Feast at Jinjjaa Chicken • Green Tea Latte from Starbucks

BBQ Platter from Hajjah Maimunah • Feast at Tony Roma's

Jumbo Crispy Squid from Bazaar Geylang • Coconut Milkshake from Ice Burnz (Thank you Miza!)

Rainbow Pudding Drink (Sawon has this too, thank you Dan!) • Appetizers from Tony Roma's

Seafood Feast from iShell Out again • Fries and calamari from Al-Fayeed Cafe

Feast from Tang Tea • Special Cheese/Salted Egg Russets from Katoshka (Thanks Ari & Ezza!)

If you know me personally, you would've known that I had a rough start to Ramadhan this year but thankful I am for all the loving friends I have around me who never fail to check on me, put a smile on my face, and never give up on me despite the many times I seem to lose myself in relationships - I know, I need to wake up my idea. Nonetheless, this Ramadhan, I had the chance to reunite with many of them over iftar and catch up sessions. Alhamdulillah. 

I have been extremely busy with work, school, rugby, archery tag amongst other stuff and I am broke as hell by the end of the first week of June from all the bills, debts and fees that I had to settle. Despite all that, I sure am glad that I made the effort to show up for all these meet ups and squeezed time out for them instead of choosing to crash at home after work every single day. But of course, I am blessed to have all these people who managed to free their time up to get together too. Thank you, every single one of you <3 Til next time. 

♥, NMJ