ActiveSG Dodgeball Fiesta 2016

A few days prior to this, one of my close friends/colleagues randomly asked us if we were free that Sunday for a fun dodgeball tournament. We literally set up the team earlier that week and had just one introductory training session (hosted by Sarah Diyana at some free to use court) for us to understand the rules of the game and how to stay alive, etc.

It was a corporate event so we had to be registered under a company. Seeing how all of are either working for or have worked for agp and it was too last minute for us to place jersey orders anyway- so that was exactly why we were wearing our uniforms. Other than that, no affiliations whatsoever.

Despite being the team filled with noobs (except for SD), we actually won the award for "Most Sporting Team" and I honestly think that we put up a fight against the other teams, considering the fact that they all had seasoned and even national players. But I must say though, the dodgeball community is so full of both passion and sportsmanship. Hats off to those who're doing their all to help let the sport make its mark here in Singapore.

There were many other teams that participated and the Dodgeball Fiesta was held in conjunction with ActiveSG's Get Active! By The Bay campaign, so that was pretty interesting. More photos can be found at my photo albums and here's a vlog of what went down that weekend. Enjoy!