The Happy List : Vol 3

Just another dose of happy vibes, bits and pieces of what has been making me beam lately.

  1. The freedom / discipline that being a freelancer brings / requires.
  2. Knowing how to answer exam questions and feeling like my (minimal) mugging sessions were worth every bit. 
  3. Work opportunities that involve and revolve around close friends, nature, coffee and travel. 
  4. Satisfying my cravings and impromptu explorations with Am
  5. Making plans or goals and following them through.
  6. Them annoying yet welcoming and knowledgeable archers at training. 
  7. Haziq Chua getting a KTM Duke but having to tip-toe cos he's not tall enough. 
  8. Long bus rides and night walks. 
  9. Getting to work with Ezza and giving her complete control over travel plans. Hehe.
  10. Empty gyms and squat racks free from bicep curlers.  
  11. Catch-up sessions and feeling like nothing's changed with Azza & Simmy.
  12. Itinerary planning and travel confirmations. 
  13. Receiving a lovely fragrance from harumsg in my mailbox. 
  14. The familiarity that the green apron brings. 
  15. Random cats that circle my leg and cuddle up on my thighs. 
  16. Binge watching Tanglin and Youtube. 
  17. Work attachment and gossip sessions with Nurfa
  18. Finally getting the chance to revive my DSLR and GoPro after so long.
  19. The fact that I'm flying off this Sunday, RIGHT after my last paper.
  20. The single life after eight years of being in a relationship. Seriously. The freedom is amazingly refreshing.

I know I talk about travel way too much (here, twitter, instagram and in real life) but I can't help it. I'm guessing that it's that time of the year where everyone is just finding reasons to escape the rush and stress that Singapore brings - I'm just one of those taking advantage of the year end holiday season to grab a break. I honestly didn't think that I would be able to survive the year though. But isn't it a wonderful feeling when life gets the timing right for so many things? I guess I'm just lucky to have met so many like-minded people this year. I look forward to writing a year end post for 2016, so many things happened but then again, the year isn't over yet so let's make the remaining days count, shall we?