Archers At Base

What an eventful weekend it has been. Without a doubt, this has got to be the most challenging yet memorable season for me - and I am not just saying that because my idol is now my number one fan - but it really was such an eye opening season for so many reasons. 

A few days before the competition date, I finally passed my coaching assessment. A day before the competition, I got to spend some time with A and then went to watch the Power Rangers movie with his teammates (who happens to be my opponents in the arena, but my good friends by heart) and then had a staycation with my own team after. 

Over the two competition days, I felt like rolling pin going all over the event space. I got the opportunity of coaching two amazing teams. At the same time, played in a completely new team, spent almost seven days straight with the Team Happy Happy Je family, watched my friends make it to the finals, and became the most supportive girlfriend that I could be, watching my better half not only play, but perform in the sport that he loves so much - alongside friends that he regards as family. What a great weekend it was, indeed. 

That joyous moment right after A shot down the hardest target spot. He didn't even have time to celebrate, his friends literally pounced on him the moment he shot down the winning spot. Epic.

I also realised how chubby I have grown since the last season. Tsk.

For more photos of the competition, click here.

I still have a gazillion things to learn as a player, coach, friend and of course, girlfriend. But I really hope for the sake of everyone involved that this sport / community will continue to grow, and that for A's sake I get back to (and remain as) the amazing girl that he fell in love with. Kudos to everyone in the combat archery fam, rest well and see you guys in June! :)