Three cheers to ten years.

Well, who would've thought that I'd stick to something this long. The blogosphere has evolved in ways I never would've imagined. While I agree that everything that goes online has to be curated and content creators cannot be as transparent as they wish to be in a country as systematic as ours, I guess I just needed to remind myself of why I started blogging in the first place. 

This space acts as a personal vault for me to convert everyday thoughts into words and visuals. It has always been a dream of mine to be a photojournalist and I am still working towards that. I started this blog with the aim of it to merely be a place for personal documentation of my adventures and misadventures. However, if I do get to inspire anyone at all and make a difference in any way possible, then that's a bonus. - Taken off my "about me" section. 

I didn't want to admit it, but in silence I actually felt like was slowly turning into a brand rather than sticking to what it should be - a blog - and I didn't quite like it.  I did not start writing so I can get sponsored trips or frequent readership or a few cents for every ad that my readers clicked on - I don't even make a lot from this in the first place. I write to document my muses and musings. Ironically, I can't even recall the last time I wrote a post straight out of my thoughts chamber. I don't mean it in a believer / activist / socialist manner. I mean this in a "dear diary" kinda way. 

Don't get me wrong. I am pro-social media in every way possible and I love creating content. But I felt like I was being shoved into this big world of content creating and expected to deliver it through whatever is deemed ideal in society's eyes. I was not living in the moment. I don't take photos for the sake of taking photos anymore - I pre / post process my photos and I plan the footage that needs to be shot a certain way / take days to edit a three minute video. It's a tedious process but everything feels so staged and scripted. It made me feel tired and uninspired on most days, to the extent where writing felt like a chore. I didn't like that one bit. 

After I came back from the Philippines two months ago, I found out that was being put under redemption and no longer within my possession. I was angry at first, but after much thought (and persuasion from the other half), this could possible be the blessing in disguise that I need. That domain will always be special to me - I came up with the word wanderlogy and it saw the start of my travels - but it soon be sold off to a new owner and although I wished that my previous domain host could have handled the situation better, I just want to start a fresh and start making quality, purposeful content back to where it all started ten years ago - :) See you all there.

â™Ĩ, NMJ