A girl can dream.

It has been a tiring and trying month, no doubt. I have been waking up this past few weeks with no sense of direction nor inspiration whatsoever. Today, I dragged myself out of bed and then to work, just to spend my Sunday at work staring into space, and then rereading some of the old posts that I wrote the previous years.

I was bored as hell but then, I came across this particular paragraph from a post that I wrote in 2015:
I read somewhere that when two people get into a relationship, they need to be two different wholes that come together. You should not expect your partner to complete you, you complete yourself. It is like a mathematical graph where two circles overlap in the middle - and right there, that overlapping area is where the two of you are infinite.
As alpha as I try to be, I am still a cringe-worthy twenty four year old who sometimes break down and wish that her other half significant other is instantly available to hold her hand whenever she feels the lack of self love. I just wish we can skip all the adapting stages and get to the destination where everything has settled down, and so have we, with the dream house that we always talked about and pursuing a career that we both love. But obviously, there is no such thing as a fast forward button, and no such thing as a luxurious life without putting in the effort, first. 

With A, I learnt that while here I am, trying to figure my life out, there he is trying to grasp the concept of adulting too. We are both stressed out and extremely overwhelmed with so many things on our own plate, honestly most days, our relationship is the last thing I think about. We are both burdened by a gazillion things but at the end of the day, I'm just glad I have someone who replies to my good nights and tells me to stay safe. Sometimes you don't need a fairytale bliss, you just need something just like this. Ironic, how he is the younger one in this relationship, but definitely the wiser one too. Haha oh well.

Anyway. A third of the new year has crept up and zoomed by without me accomplishing anything worth writing about. Nonetheless, I have a really strong feeling that 2017 is going to be yet another roller coaster, but a ride that is gonna be worth every second of, for the future. Let's be more productive from today, for our own sakes.

Have a good end to April, everyone.