An Introduction to Foam Archery

If you follow me on social media, you would know that my boyfriend, friends and I are all very involved in this unique sport called foam archery. It is still relatively new but there has been tournaments held quarterly, a major league annually and countless of team bonding programs for schools and corporate clients weekly. It isn't established, yet, but it is really heart warming to see how much this sport has grown so far. 

Earlier this month, A and his foam archery team had a free open session to introduce this unique sport to the public over at Tampines North CC. Our cute little foam archery community is still trying to spread the joy of the sport to the rest of Singapore and it was eye opening (and pretty impressive / inspiring) how my friends were able to share their knowledge with so many of these new enthusiasts who attended the free session.  

Here are some of the shots I took from the event, or you can click here to view the full album. Photos by Nurul Mimsy. All rights reserved, so please credit where credit is due :) 

If any of you reading this are curious to give this sport a try for free, drop me an email! My team will be having our own open session in May and if you're interested, I will gladly keep you in the loop. Alternatively, to know more about the sport or for future updates, you can follow A's team (TERZ) or my team (Happy Happy) on social media. Yes, my boyfriend and I are opponents. It makes life more exciting that way. Hehe. 

Til next time! 
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