Life Lately: August 2017

I wouldn't even bother to come up with an excuse as to why my last life lately update was in May. When have I not been busy, am I right? Right. Well, in my previous life lately update, I mentioned that I needed to get my life back in order. I don't know how well I've faired since then, but I think I am doing okay. I mean, if you have no reason to be sad then don't be, right?

So over the past few months... 

  1. I turned a quarter of a century old. I didn't get to spend it jumping out of a plane in New Zealand, like how I planned to. I actually spent it in Singapore mugging for my exams / lunch date with the boys / dinner date with my boyfriend - and coming to terms with how my life is still in (what I'd like to call) an organised mess.
  2. I honestly think that I have been procrastinating a whole lot. Being a freelancer is amazing - I choose my own schedule and am not tied down with a fixed working schedule - but when you lack self discipline like I do, you'll find yourself having so many days off and with nothing ticked off your to-do list. Horrible.
  3. Nonetheless, I have been blessed with a few new collaborations opportunities. Alhamdulillah.
  4. However, linking back to point number two, I still feel that I need to be more consistent with updating this space and not leaving it with cobwebs for months at a time. I have been trying to focus on clearing all of the backdated posts and vlogs that I have - from the Indonesia trip last December - since I have some time off from school and assignments this month. So expect a lot of those said backdated posts here soon. I also think that I really need a new camera. My seven year old Canon 550D just won't cut it anymore. I'm thinking of getting the Canon G7X, what do you guys think?
  5. I aced a module, and completely flunked another. I still have approximately 1.5 years left in uni and I honestly, just wanna get it over and done with so I can finally get on with life. You feel me, undergrads?
  6. I had the chance to spend a week in Vietnam for work, with two of my buddies Syazali and Faris. I am not a big fan of pho or the other Vietnamese food though, because there's a lot of bean sprouts involve. But I did enjoy my time spent there - all I remembered from the trip was lots of strong iced coffee and shopping every single night. Shiok!
  7. One of my secondary schoolmates got married to the love of her life. It's crazy how amongst us girls, they always assumed that I would be the one who will get hitched first (probably because I was such a gatal school girl, and probably still am) but Hayat crossed that hurdle first among us! Another one of my girls is getting engaged next month but we'll talk about that when the day comes. For now, congratulations again little one on tying the knot with Rafael! :)
  8. Floorball has taken up most of my weekdays and for now, every single Sunday too. I still have a gazillion of things to learn but it's crazy how much I have grown in this sport - considering the fact that I only started playing because my RP mates lied to me and said, "Same as soccer, just smaller ball".
  9. I couldn't stop whining about not being able to celebrate my birthday overseas (like how I always do) so F brought me over to Krabi for a belated birthday trip. We also needed a break from work and trainings to recharge for a few days, so this felt like the right time to go off the grid.
  10. And of course, if you have been following me on social media or if you are within our circle of friends, you would know who FR is. Yes, we finally came out of our tiny little low profile box and stopped hiding from everyone. Funny how we first met in 2011 but never gave much thought about each other. Long story short, I might have found the wan.

All in all, it has been a good few months of focusing on myself an just keeping myself busy. I need to stop taking things for granted and still learn to be happy with myself, but I am pretty happy with how life is, and definitely thankful for every single blessing that God has blessed me with. Have a blessed end to August, and an amazing start to September, everyone! 

â™Ĩ, NMJ