Why I Loved Disney's Coco

I haven't been watching that many Disney movies for quite a while, simply because I didn't feel like they made much of an impact in my life. And, well, you know... the "I should be adulting now, I shouldn't be watching cartoons" mindset? Yes. Especially when the cartoons revolve around princesses and snowflakes, and just keeps presenting a predictable story line.

The last Disney Pixar movie that I will always remember for being relatable and impactful (because it made me tear up) was Finding Nemo and UP, and they were both from years ago. Thanks to Disney Singapore & Jemma, I was given the opportunity to attend Disney Pixar's movie preview for Coco yesterday together with Fazwan, a few other viewers and the Mexican embassy and I   f r e a k i n g   loved it.

The story revolves around Dia de los Muertos (otherwise known as The Day of The Dead) which is a very distinct festival in the Mexican culture and has successfully portrays the importance of appreciating our family, especially the ones that came before us. Coco is based on a story of 12-year-old Miguel, a Mexican boy who was so in love with music but was raised in a family that forbids music of any form. Desperate to showcase his musical talent, Miguel somehow finds himself breaking his family tradition, unknowingly getting himself cursed, crossing over to "The Land of The Dead" and somehow managed to unlock the mysterious truth about his family's history. 

Here's why I loved the movie: 

  1. I'm an anthropology student and my lecturer has mentioned Dia de los Muertos quite a couple of times. I've always been intrigued by the colourful face paint and extravagant parades, but I never quite understood the concept of celebrating the dead and I never bothered to find out.

    This movie showcased a broad coverage of the Mexican culture - how they lived their lives, their village, their believes, etc - and I find it extremely refreshing to see a different angle for a movie to show how important family is, instead of the typical white family drama.

  2. The movie showed how comical and  Miguel's deceased family members were, for a moment I kinda forget that I was actually being introduced to a potential cast of The Walking Dead. I loved how Pixar showcased the afterlife without it being morbid. However, there's no reverence here for the dead, but there is definitely love and respect. 

    Who you were when you are alive is who you will be when you're dead, too. That's what makes your character and personality, and just because you're dead, it doesn't mean you leave those traits on Earth. You're still going to be the same person - just dead.

  3. The movie is definitely family friendly. There were a lot of kids in the theatre with us and Fazwan's already planning to bring his younger siblings to catch this show when it premieres this Wednesday. I mean, it's Disney. Come on. It wouldn't be a Disney movie if it weren't for kids.

    But on a larger scale, it is the kind of movie that this generation of kids would find meaningful and relatable. When I was seven, I don't think I could care less about family unions and what not. I was too busy being a child. But children of this generation (based from my experience of doing camps with them) somehow seem to understand things on a whole different level - and I think this movie will make them appreciate their elderly. 

  4. I was kept on the edge of my seat from the start. Not only because I was interested in foreign societies and how they lived their life, but because the story was so relatable with a reasonable amount of plot twists that made me feel dumb enough to not realize it from the start. It was so engaging, I could almost feel like I knew Miguel and his family personally.

    I was literally sobbing by the end of the movie. It was just something about how relatable the movie was, trying to showcase how short life really is and how much I have neglected my own elderly in hopes to build my career. It's a love-hate relationship with how Disney is capable of toying with our emotions through such great animation and amazing plot twists. 

  5. Lastly, I think if there was one thing that this movie taught me - it's that nothing is what it seems. Assumptions is indeed the biggest bitch in life and your perception of someone's actions may not be in line with their actual intentions. Always look at both sides of the story, always look at the bigger picture, always think the best of others (especially your loved ones) and always keep pictures of your family members in your wallet. Hehe.

Disney Pixar's Coco will be in cinemas starting November 23rd, 2017

Disney has always had the ability of creating engaging and meaningful movies and Coco was one of those creations that got me repeating, "Damn, that was a good show" multiple times on our way home. Fazwan is more of the Justice League kinda guy, but I was surprised Fazwan enjoyed this movie just as much as I did, if not more. I even caught him searching for the Coco movie soundtrack after the show!

Well, I hope I didn't leak out too much from this great show but I honestly feel that everyone should come together with your loved ones and give this a watch. Thank you again Disney Singapore & Jemma for the tickets, couldn't have enjoyed the movie if it weren't for you. β™₯


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