Ihsan's 25th Surprise

Najirah had a chalet booked and everyone else had to take responsibility of bringing something, and of course Fazwan and I had dessert on our list. I wasn't really restricted with any instructions - she just wanted "outdoor themed" desserts to associate with her outdoor-obsessed-boyfriend who also happens to be my ex-colleague and good friend for life, so I recreated a miniature camping ground for


, because the birthday boy was Ihsan Sabri! 

The miniature camping ground cake was a Strawberry Rainbow Cake covered in Hershey's Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, looking like a tiny edible campsite. My favourite part is the miniature campfire pit, stacked with firewood made out of pocky biscuit ends. Hehe. Other than that, there was also a whole table of desserts, pizza, aglio olio, and even barbecued food on the grill!

Ihsan actually turned a year older last week on the eighth or ninth (I am really bad with dates, I don't even remember my own anniversary) but seeing how hard it is to create lies around him (because he's the biggest prankster) and how hard it was to even get a grasp of him to stay in the country during his birthday week, the whole bunch of us decided to pull a belated surprise party for him instead. He was so pleasantly surprised, he even teared a little! 

The surprise wouldn't have been successful without his lovely girlfriend Najirah, everyone who took time off from their lives to grace the event and of course, the amazing trumpeter / balloon blower Karem for setting up on his own and even went off to work after the party. He was also the one who helped me with Fazwan's surprise last month by the way!! - which I have yet to blog about because I have been so swamped with the new job.

Oh heck, I love my job but I haven't blogged for so long, I didn't even realize three months of the year has gone by. Crazy. Catch you guys again soon. Real soon. Promise.

â™Ĩ, NMJ