Surabaya Stopover + Vlog

Last year, my friends and I spent ten days covering Surabaya, Jogjakarta & Kuala Lumpur. We had planned to take the scenic train ride from Surabaya to Jogjakarta, which was why we decided to spend the first two days of the trip there. The flight tickets from Singapore to Surabaya was also about fifty bucks cheaper too, so everything just kinda fell into place.


9 Reasons To Visit Surabaya

To be honest, we didn't really do much except to rest up, since we had been up all night at the airport before that and the main adventures had only been planned out for Jogjakarta. Nonetheless, Surabaya was an interesting stop!

We started the day earlier by staying overnight at the airport because our flight was at seven in the morning, and we had to check-in at five. Isky didn't tag along but he stayed over and sent us off at the airport. I honestly had the early morning flight but we tried to save as much as possible for this trip, seeing that we were going to cover three countries in ten days, so the early flight was the only way to go. 

Everyone fell asleep on the flight and before you know it, we arrived at Surabaya's Juanda Airport. I didn't really take any pictures after this because we were all swamped from staying up all night (age is catching up guys). All we did was check-in to our hotel, unpack a little and then continued crashing until one of us got hungry.

If I remembered correctly, we went to grab lunch at A&W at the mall beside our hotel. After that, Shadiq & Jujul went to get a haircut while Haikel and I went to get our nails done. We didn't take any pictures but

we did vlog it

. After that we grabbed some snacks to munch on back at the hotel. This was when I realised my love for somay and pempek goreng - it's basically fried siew mai and fish cake. Shiok!

The boys had a mutual friend from when they were still doing gigs and Sandy (that's his name!) willingly became our unofficial tour guide during our time in Surabaya. I honestly think that we would have done a lot less without Sandy with us.

On our first day, he bought a whole variety of


(meat on a stick) for us to feast on in our hotel room. After the feast, we headed down to chill at the restaurant located at our hotel lobby and just


to the live band - which was really, really good! 

On the second (and last) day, all of us woke up bright and early, and Sandy took us on a short ten to fifteen minutes stroll around the area, to get to our breakfast stop. He brought us to this quaint little local eating house - also known as 


 in Bahasa Indonesia, where all the food were served in dishes. Basically, you just point to the staff to tell them what you want on your plate, and then everything will just be added up.

To be honest, there was quite an extensive amount of Indonesian food that you could choose from. Anyone who loves authentic local cuisines or are open to exploring their palette would be elated. But being the boring / picky eater that I am, I grabbed the vegetarian dough fritters or

jemput jemput

, as most locals would call it. I know... I'm boring. The boys, on the other hand, had a whole variety of dishes piled up on their plates. We only paid about SGD2 per person for the meal.

After the hearty meal, we strolled back to our hotel to pack, check out and make our way to catch our train to Jogjakarta. We had to rush to the train station because we underestimated the weekday crowd.

The whole train station was filled with locals trying to grab a seat on the train but thankfully, Sandy managed to get us our tickets and had us all seated together. Thank you Mas Sandy!

Surabaya was really something else. The whole place was just chill, laid back, so if you expect super quick service or super advanced technology, you might want to think twiec. But we liked it because most people mind their own business and everyone speaks Indonesian - I realized that only the military personnels / hotel and airport staff could speak English. Probably due to their exposure to tourists. But despite the language barrier, they are all really welcoming people. 

Also, I've finally gotten around to finish editing the Surabaya vlog! One of

my resolutions for the this year

is to be more consistent in terms of updating the blog and to also revive

my YouTube channel

that has been abandoned for years. I honestly think that I'm off to a good start! *pats self on shoulders* Til next time!