Slushie Baguus

Event hosted by

Fun Activities SG

. Photos by

Fazwan Roslan


Being the pioneer practitioners of Archery Tag in Southeast Asia,

DoXtreme Sports

has had quite a variety of clientele and programs under their wing. Just to name a few, there is Archery Tag, Speed Tag, Human Foosball, Hover Ball, Battle Arena and lots more. However, after being seen as too


and fierce by some clients, the bosses Salehin & Shafi decided to take a different approach and revamp the whole concept, which was why they made the switch to being called 

Fun Activities

in 2016.

Salehin, one of the bosses from Fun Activities SG.

Described as an offshoot of DoXtreme Sports, the newly named

Fun Activities

focuses on being much lighter on the extremity but heavier on the laughter and experience. Since the switch,

Fun Activities

has had an amazing and busy start with countless school and corporate programs. However, despite already having a wide range of activities made available for interested clients,

Fun Activities

have decided to take the plunge to bring in food and beverages into the services that they offer - starting with slushies!

Growing up, I loved getting brain freezes from the slurpee at 7-Eleven and every time I watched Glee, I would always cringe whenever I see slushies thrown into their faces. 

"What a waste of a good cup,"

 I thought. I loved it okay. The previous company I worked at (Universal Studios Singapore) also had good slushie, but a cup from those push carts would cost around five dollars each? Tourist price. Meh.

I was completely stoked to give these slushies a taste test because... I love slushed drinks. You know that already. Well, there were so many flavours to try and that wasn't even their complete collection of flavours! Salehin also gave us the freedom of creating our own mixes. He did warn us about not mixing the premium flavours though (because bandung + milk tea + milo is the perfect concoction for thirty minutes in the toilet) but Fazwan and I did anyway. Heh. 

Rental Charges

  • Double Barrel - SGD168

  • Triple Barrel - SGD208

Regular Flavours 

Grape, Fruit Punch, Blueberry, Lychee, Honeydew, Mango

Premium Flavours 

Milk Tea, Milo, Bandung

Things to note before renting: 

  • Each barrel will be filled with 11 litres of goodness (Approximately 110 x 100ml cups)

  • Each slushie machine requires a stable table + a dedicated power outlet.

  • It takes 2 hours (after the set-up) for the mix to be converted into slushie.

  • If you're looking to mix the flavours, choose flavours that complement each other instead of flavours that will fight in your tummy.

Fatty got her slushie.


In lieu with the holidays, Fun Activities has decided to spread the joy of the season through Slushie Baguus! For a limited time only, simply quote "SLUSH2018" upon booking and you will be entitled to the following:

 Discounted Prices

 FREE Refills

 FREE Transport

 FREE Set Up / Tear Down

For more information on the slushie services,

contact Fun Activities here



That it takes 2 hours for the concoction to turn into slush. Good things are worth the wait, I guess. Sigh.


The variety of flavours. I always wanted milo slurpee but 7-Eleven doesn't have that. The plus point I would get at my next family event for bringing in this yummy goodness. How reasonable yet accommodating Salehin & his team can be when dealing with events. Thank you Salehin & Rena for the media invite :)

Personally, I have done many programs with these people for over two years now and I swear to you, the people working under the wings of Doxtreme Sports / Fun Activities definitely know the definition of fun. The trainers that I've had the chance of working with are forever high on energy and the bosses are equally crazy - but when it comes to business, their brains are a whole other level.

If you are looking for a company to engage, to help you with your party / event / company retreat / team bonding / school programs or anything of that sort,

talk to them

. Quote my name and I trust that they will help you work something amazing out for your event. Before you ask, no, this is not a sponsored post of any sort. 




This blog post was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned. All thoughts and opinions here are as always, our own. Feel free to email me if you have any doubts or questions :)