My Amazing Birthday Dinner In The Sky!


Fazwan literally lifted me off my feet on my birthday by treating me to a birthday dinner in the sky! Yes, our feet were dangling fifty meters above the ground while we tried our best to enjoy the three course meal without looking down. Well, I’m not afraid of heights but Fazwan was horrified. I don’t think I can ever thank him enough for making this birthday wish come true.


He lifted me off my feet.

L I T E R A L L Y .

I didn’t realise it but he says that I have subconsciously dropped hints to him, saying that I wanted to give this dining experience a try. I wanted to, but I have shoved the intention at the back of my head because a) this man right here isn’t a great fan of having his feet dangling in mid air and b) he usually just choose and pay, I’m the one who loves to do all the planning and bookings for all our trips. So I was not expecting this from him.. at all.

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If you wanna continue reading, here’s what happened.

On my birthday, we landed in Kuala Lumpur at noon. All he told me was that I should dress nicely for dinner and that we need to arrive an hour before the reservation, that’s it. Little did I know, he secretly planned to surprise me on my birthday and actually booked this experience before we departed. It was so funny when he told me the back story.

He literally sat down at work, staring into his laptop and pondering between fine dining at a regular hotel restaurant or conquering his fears to have dinner in the sky. It didn’t matter what his choice was, he’s already amazing as he is, but he chose the latter - which made it even clearer why I am choosing to marry this man. (Angkat sikit ah mana tau next year dapat surprise lagi hehe)

After checking into our hotel, we took a short walk to Avenue K to grab some light snacks and then decided to just laze around in bed. I took my own sweet time to get ready - which was obviously a mistake - because we ended up panicking in the cab ride over to the dinner location. It didn’t help at all that I was completely blindfolded and the traffic in Kuala Lumpur during peak hours are crazy. In the midst of the nervous blabbering from me, Fazwan had to call up the “restaurant” to inform them that we will arrive later and thankfully, they weren’t that strict. As long as we reached at least 10 minutes before “departure”, we’ll still be allowed in. Thank god.

There weren’t that many people during our session. There is a maximum number of pax allowed per dinner session - if I’m not wrong, it’s 16 pax max. There are also 2 sessions that you can choose from - either 6.30pm or 8.30pm. Fazwan booked the 6.30pm slot for the sake of the supposed sunset but after the ride, he said he’d rather book the 8.30pm slot next time, as the lights were really really pretty. Also probably because there wasn’t much of a sunset in the middle of the city. Hehe. It was a really unique and amazing experience, nonetheless!


Surprisingly, we actually had some time to waste after checking in at Skyland despite thinking that we were late - so we took some pictures and chilled at the lounge. Fazwan needed some time to mentally prepare himself (hahahaha you’ll understand more if you watch this video) and I was just absorbing it all in. There was a short safety briefing done by their ground staff, where they will advise you to visit the restroom and keep your items into the free lockers provided before the dinner table takes off into the sky. It’s an hour up there and they won’t bring the table down unless it’s an emergency.

After all that, we were given seat numbers and headed over to the floating deck (?) I don’t know how to describe it but there were cranes and safety harnesses and all that. After getting to our seats, we were buckled down by their staff, who then gave us another safety briefing before taking off.

The view from the top. There wasn’t much of a sunset view but we were occupied with the food most of the time.

The view from the top. There wasn’t much of a sunset view but we were occupied with the food most of the time.

These were the typical “tourist shots” that the crew offered to take for us. Fazwan looks absolutely normal, right?

Well this was how he really was. Hahahaha. Jumpy and on edge (literally) every time I touched his swivel chair. Hahahaha I swear to god I feel so bad but I also find it so cute and ultimately sweet that he went all this way for my birthday dinner, just to make me happy.

Okay it wouldn’t make sense for me to describe everything in words so here’s a short vlog that I did of our dinner in the sky!

It was a fine dining experience where the food was semi-prepared in front of you. I say semi-prepared because the food was (technically) already cooked, they just do the plating when we’re up in the sky.

Here’s a few more close up shots of the food!

There were three courses to the meal - the appetiser, main course and dessert. I’m not sure how the booking system worked since Fazwan made the booking but I was told that there were different options for the main course. He chose the black pepper beef while he requested the chicken teriyaki for me since I don’t eat red meat or anything spicy. How sweeeeet.

So anyway, everything on the menu is halal as the food was prepared from Elements Kuala Lumpur, The Official Food Provider. However, if I’m not wrong, there is alcohol served in the lounge. For more information, click here for the FAQ.


The food was really, really good, just that the portions were of course, fine dining portions (if you know what I mean) hehe ;) But either way, the whole experience was amazing, I swear. I mean, don’t go up focusing on getting full from the food. I don’t think you can ever get full from a fine dining experience unless it’s a thirteen course meal hahahaha. But the experience and food quality definitely made up for the price that you’re paying.

I am honestly just so happy that I can finally tick this off my bucket list! Seriously. Thank you to the best fiancé ever for making this happen. I would highly recommend you to try this at least once in your life - they are actually available in many different countries like Manila, Greece, New Zealand, etc. Google it and go for it, really. If you are new to Klook, click here to redeem SGD5 discount voucher for your first booking. Otherwise, click here to book the experience directly!


This review was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned, and was written under my own initiative. All information displayed are accurate at the time of posting.