The Engagement Day

I am pretty excited to blog today because here's the post that most of you have been asking for - the actual engagement day! I will run through our engagement day with as many details and as many visuals as possible. It has been almost four months since we got engaged and I finally come around to writing about this. I guess it's because Fazwan is currently in Finland / Prague for 1.5 months until mid December so my distractions went down to a minimal. Hehe.

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Anyway, I will run through our engagement day with as many details and as many visuals as possible so please read through before sending in any of your questions! I'm not a professional in relationships just because I got engaged but I am willing to share my experience and I'm open to answering your questions... but let's be honest - I roll my eyes every time someone asks a question that has already been answered. Hahaha annoying you know, so please, read first.

As I mentioned in my previous post, different families have different styles of executing this day for their children. I have never been through and I have never attended a whole engagement ceremony before this but thankfully, with the help of experienced family members and friends, Fazwan and I kinda had an idea of what we had to do and tweaked them so that our engagement day fits to our liking.

I love this shot of my engagement dress and veil. They're both from Joo Chiat Complex and are pretty affordable considering the fact that we bought it in Singapore. I bought this dress (SGD50) at the very last minute and got it from this small Muslimah boutique. I didn't get the name of it but the shop is located at Level 1 - right behind the taxi stand. I had to get it altered to fit properly but it was definitely a steal.

As for the veil (SGD35), we went to more than 10 shops looking for one that would match my dress but it was so hard to find, I swear my mum and I almost gave up the search. We decided to check out one more shop and stumbled upon this small boutique that did alterations at Level 3. I was jokingly telling my mum to look at the name of the shop - "Wan & Sister Collection" - laughing and saying how Wan & Kakak had a shop in secret. The lady inside overheard us and took out this lovely hand made veil that was hidden underneath bulks of clothes. Talk about fate!

My make-up artist (Nur by N.S.A.) dolling me up and giving lots of advices on how to handle annoying makciks on my big day. Hahaha. I was looking for an MUA around three months before my engagement day and many of the commonly mentioned names were already booked - with last minute charges etc. I was quite taken aback and was prepared to make myself up in order to save some money, but Fazwan and my friends continued to encouraged me to find an MUA - knowing how cranky I get when I can't draw my eyebrows in peace. Hahahaha.

Coincidentally, I stumbled upon Nur's Instagram account and enquired right away because at that point of time, she was having an online promotion for Hari Raya. She was so prompt with her replies and kindly offered me the promotional price if I were to confirm my booking before the raya period ends. She also kept herself updated with the colour of my dress / accessories I'm planning on using / photo references from past brides - which I felt was very thoughtful of her to envision my look for the day and even get excited for my big day together with me.

All the accessories that I used were my own and were really just everyday things. The necklace (Lovisa, SGD17) and the earrings (Panda Eyes, RM10). Funny story? We wanted to have a flower in my hair but didn't prepare any - so I took one out from the decorations on the gift trays and Nur helped put it in place. Hahaha if I hadn't tell you, you wouldn't have guessed it right!

I wasn't that picky with how I wanted my make up to look like and there wasn't any make up trials before the actual day - so it really was a risk I was willing to take and trusted Nur with the process. She did such a great job and the make up stayed on throughout the entire ceremony + the outdoor photoshoot that came after. I'm glad I engaged her services for this day.

To be honest, gift trays can be pretty expensive especially if you get a vendor to get them made up. Thankfully, my friend Ihsan had these trays from his sister's wedding and lent the empty trays to me.  All I had to do was to spend a few dollars on ribbons and faux flowers to get them redecorated to fit my theme and I was really happy with how they turned out!

Fazwan and I had agreed on the items that we were going to gift each other and these were the 6 trays from me to him. There was only supposed to be 5 but I completely forgot about the Bunga Rampai. Thankfully in the end, the cake was too big that it couldn't fit onto the trays so we ended up with the 6 trays that you see here.

You have no idea how many times Fazwan and I changed the items that were supposed to be on these trays. We were almost coerced into buying things like an Apple watch and a drone but in the end, we decided to bring it down a notch and still bought things that we wanted / will use, without going overboard. Most of the items that you see here were bought in Malaysia (the likes of Pavillion & Suria KLCC) simply because of the tourist discount / GST refund that we received by shopping overseas. (Related: The Engagement Preparations)

I designed and printed the tray tags on my own - I really loved how it turned out. But it was honestly super hard to find a plain silver / platinum ring for Fazwan. He has his preferences but he's not extremely picky. The rings that he liked were either overpriced and the ones that hit our budget were too sparkly for his liking. Hahaha. We ended up getting his ring from ORRO back in Singapore.

Taking some shots with my family before Fazwan's side came over. These were the longest minutes of my life but they were made longer because they had to make a detour. They were running a little late because... guess who forgot all about the bouquet he was supposed to collect and bring to me? Hahahaha. 

Here are the gift trays from Fazwan's side to mine. All we did was to give one picture as an inspiration reference, and his sister had them done up with a friend, in the colour theme that I specifically wanted - which is really so sweet of her. Most of the items here were also bought from Pavillion & Suria KLCC.

Here's the discussion between two families to settle the details of our engagement and upcoming wedding. Well my first uncle is a really hilarious guy and he has successfully led the engagement discussion of 4 of my cousins, which was why I chose him to represent me with Karem as my witness. was told that Fazwan's uncle is a really strict man in the household and it's really hard to make him laugh, but I'm surprised to see him laughing away in the first picture.

I was inside my room when all of this was happening but I think Hafiz did a splendid job at capturing the moments that I couldn't witness with my own eye. All the shots are so natural and candid. It really warms my heart seeing so many of my family members and Fazwan's family members gathered around just to witness us taking one step further in our relationship. Crazy sweet, really. 

This was the most nerve wrecking moment for me, throughout the entire day. I have had my fair share of bad relationships with unreceptive potential mother in laws but I guess it's true what they say - always have faith in Allah's plans. It feels so surreal, knowing that Fazwan's mum accepts me for who I am and the way I treat her son. Insha'Allah our relationship will always be this blissful but as of today, I have a future mother in law who treats me like her own daughter. I could never ask for more.

It meant the world to me, to have my mum and both my grandparents be a part of this day with me, of course. In case you don't know, I grew up without a dad and my grandfather will always be that father figure in my life - he's a man with very little words, but his actions go a long way. It makes me want to cry just looking at this picture. Fazwan on the other hand couldn't control his tears. Hehe.

These were the flowers that Fazwan almost forgot to collect. Hahaha. I love these flowers and chose them myself the night before at Northpoint City's Xpress Flowers. I was procrastinating and didn't have the time to get a bouquet from any wedding bridal florist perse, but I think this worked just as well and only cost us SGD30! We were about to get a bouquet of pink roses but then I realize that I don't need another rose in my life because I now have Rosfazwan. Get it? Hehehe.

Our first few shots after getting both our individual rings on our fingers. It was still pretty surreal to be engaged at this point of time, and a little bit awkward because everyone looking at us while we pose for the cameraman but I guess, we could consider this as practice before the actual day huh?

Meanwhile, outside, most of our guests were enjoying the buffet spread that my mum had ordered from her friend. The food was cooked and delivered to us that morning but the set-up was all DIY. I bought the chalk board label holders from Kaison in Johor and my awesome loved ones helped prepare everything.

The cheese tarts and packs of peas were home made by my relatives. The grapes and colourful cake in the first picture was store bought, but the ondeh ondeh and red velvet cake bites were from 21bakesavenue. I think we can all agree that the red velvet were a little too dry for most of us but the ondeh ondeh flavour was amazing, everyone wiped them off the trays before the event was over.  

Speaking of cake.. our friends decided to surprise us with a random outburst of birthday song, saying that it was the birth of one-sie (as in fazwan and mimsy). Hahaha it was hilarious and we were totally caught of guard. Seriously, we know each other so well but when it comes to surprises, we can never expect what the other person has up their sleeves. This is the 6th surprise that we managed to pull of this year.

After all the commotion from the surprise, we moved on to family photos! 

I sincerely thank my family for taking the time to grace the event, despite most of you living in Johor / Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for helping my mum and grandparents with the preparation from the start, and some even coming the day before to get into the gotong royong spirit. I know I haven't been the best relative and I have missed so many special occasions due to work and adolescence ignorance growing up.. but I'm older now and I better understand the meaning of family, and I promise to always make time for all of you.

Here's Fazwan side of the family - well only 10% of his whole family actually. It would have been a dream to have his entire family around but there was no way that we could accommodate to all of his relatives in my tiny house, so we had to make some sacrifices :(

Dino, Fazwan's best friend and soon to be best man. We couldn't have had a smooth day without him. He helped us a whole lot - from the first time we broke the news to him, to getting us the photographer, to driving us around to get our stuff the day before, to fetching Fazwan's family from home, right til the very last minute where Fazwan was already on the way to my house but had forgotten about the bouquet. Hahaha. Thank you bro for always being there for Fazwan.  

Our amazing bunch of friends who stayed throughout the entire event from start to finish and helped my mum and relative out with so many of the back end jobs. Some of them I've known since poly days but most of them, I never expected would be so close to me now. I really am thankful for you guys.

It was a small event with an equally constrained space so we sincerely apologise for not being able to invite more guests but I am truly blessed and thankful to have all of you guys setting aside time to grace the event. I honestly am so touched that I made it into all of your busy schedules and it warms my heart getting to meet / catch up with some of you, whom I've not met for quite some time. 

I had the doors of my wardrobe removed and thrown away earlier this year (which I completely regretted) but Fazwan had this amazing Mandela tapestry nailed onto my wardrobe to cover up the mess and it ended up doubling as a photo backdrop as well! Well it wasn't intentional but Ally came up with this spontaneous idea and everyone took turns enjoying their vain moment. 

"She was not prepped for this," - Azza, Arissa's mummy. 

After the main bulk of the photo taking, we headed out with Dino & Hafiz for the impromptu outdoor photoshoot. The pictures were amazing but I will not be publishing them here because I will be flooding. Unless you guys would like to see them, then I will probably create another post just for the outcome of this shoot. There are just too many nice photos and that's really hard to capture because Fazwan and I aren't exactly natural or photogenic to begin with. Hahaha!

Well I guess that sums up our entire engagement day. It's still pretty hard to believe that I'm engaged but well, I am. I couldn't have had such a beautiful day without everyone pictured in this post and of course, this gentleman right here. Everytime someone asks me "How did you know that Fazwan is the one to make you settle down?" I hesitate. Not because I don't have the answer, but because I don't know which reason to choose. Thank you for being you, F. 

Okay before things get too cringe worthy, I'd better stop. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me personally! I'm not a professional in relationships just because I got engaged but I am willing to share my experience and I will answer to your questions if you ask me. Have a great week ahead <3