My Face Shower Bar Experience

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It’s been awhile since I last wrote an experience review but I’m back today with something that I have been testing out for the past two weeks! The results have been pretty satisfying so far and I thought that I’d share about my experience at Face Shower Bar with you guys. Do keep on reading and you’ll find a promo code specially for my readers! Even more reason for you not to hesitate, if you wish to give this treatment a try :)


Face Shower Bar by IRÉN

One Raffles Link, Citylink Mall - #B1-17A
City Hall, 39393, Singapore


Why Face Shower Bar?

Alright, so a little back story. I used to go for monthly facials with my mum but I have not been going for almost two months because a) each session is around 1.5 - 2 hours long and b) it’s located in all the way in Paya Lebar. Most times, we have to set aside a day off just to go get our facials done and then spend the rest of the day nua-ing at home or grocery shopping. I know there are other facial clinics in the North but reason A has turned me off enough. It’s absolutely unproductive for me to spend two hours lying down and let’s be honest, my off days are already scarce enough.

As much as I’m able to create excuses for missing them, my skin is the one that’s been facing the consequences. Let’s face it. My face is not flawless and I do not have Rihanna’s genes, so I need to be consistent while taking care of my skin - which I have not been doing, hence the ugly scars and pigmentation. So earlier last month, when I read their email about an “express facial” experience, I thought - why the heck not!


When I started coming here, Face Shower Bar by IRÉN had just launched their skin gym programme. Their philosophy is simple: great skin takes consistent upkeep. Just like taking care of our physique (eating well, being active, and working out), our face needs the same care and attention as well (daily cleansing, weekly facials, effective products, sleeping and eating well). Think of it this way - you can’t go to the gym once a week and run for 2 hours monthly expecting to see results by the end of the month. Similarly, you can’t go for facial once a month for 2 hours and expect to see results. So it’s basically, the skin gym programme helps people like me, who don’t have time (or the patience) to attend long monthly sessions and getting minimal results.

Alright, on to my first experience!

First things first, I loved how convenient the location of the outlet is. Face Shower Bar is located right smack in the middle of City Link Mall, which is super duper convenient for me because Esplanade MRT is just a few stops down from my office, and I can walk to City Hall MRT after my treatment to take the red line home.

The exterior store front of Face Shower Bar.

The exterior store front of Face Shower Bar.

I was early for my session so I went around to check out the organic skincare products by IRÉN and boy, do they have a number to choose from.


As the outlet is located in the CBD area, I expected the staff to be very pushy on the packages or very arrogant (it’s a stereotype, I’m sorry Joanne) but Joanne was super nice and welcoming! Since it was my first ever session with Face Shower Bar, I had to a 15 minutes skin analysis / consultation to determine the health of my skin. She was really really patient and took the time to explain in detail what the different tests are for, answered my many questions and even gave me tips on how to improve my skin condition.


There were two skin tests that I had to do. One was to determine my skin’s moisture level - to see if it’s hydrated or dehydrated. The second one was an acidity test - to check on the PH level of my skin. After both tests were complete, Joanne then proceeded to take some notes with regards to my skin condition (she drew on this face diagram that depicts my condition) and then asks me what my concerns were - which is generally the uneven skin tone + the scars on my face, and then recommended me the Signature Hydra Cleanse Facial + Booster. I don’t even know if my skin is oily or dry…. it’s just bad. Hahaha.

After the consultation and skin tests, I was escorted to the “shower bar” - it literally looks like one! Face Shower Bar does facial for both male and female customers but I find it very accommodating because there are shower curtains to cover up the different shower bars! So if you’re a hijabi or if you’re particular about people seeing you without make up (hahahaha) you can request for the corner booth so you will be isolated!

Shout out to my ever so supportive fiance for always entertaining my last minute plans.

Shout out to my ever so supportive fiance for always entertaining my last minute plans.

Did I mention how much I love the whole area and its concept? There are a lot of these motivational quotes revolving around women empowerment all around, which I really really liked (if you know who Nasty Gal is then you’ll get my point). I couldn’t stop snapping away on my phone and while waiting for me, Fazwan made himself at home too because there were chairs and water provided. The whole area within Face Shower Bar has this fresh / Korean vibe to it, I’m not quite sure how to explain it but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Okay back to the facial experience. Once I got into the shower bar, that was where I met Evelyn, my beautician. The moment I sat down, she told me to make myself comfortable (I removed my shoes hehe) and literally took out a fluffy blanket and covered me up with it in case I got cold. She was so soft-spoken and gentle too! After I settled down, she proceeded to help me remove my make-up by massaging all over my face and I swear to God, I can just fall asleep right there and then.

Okay, who am I kidding. I fell asleep even though it was just a 30 minutes facial. It was honestly so shiok! But during the facial, I could hear her telling me exactly what she’s doing, each and every step of the way, and checks that I am comfortable every once in awhile.

The Signature Hydra Cleanse Facial consists of 3 different steps - DermaSoften, DermaOpen and DermaSoothen. I also added on the machine booster as recommended by Joanne earlier on. I elaborated more about this on my IG Stories - like literally every step of the way - so if you’d like to see videos of my experience, I have added them to my highlights reel on Instagram! After the facial, she even showed me the dirty residue that was extracted from my horrible skin (hahaha) and then left me to gather myself after the nap or put on my makeup back again if I wanted to.

Because consistency is key, Face Shower Bar came up with a Skin Gym Programme to make it more affordable for you to achieve your skin goals. There are lots of different programmes that you can choose from, depending on your budget and preference. You can view the image above for the different prices and benefits. But the one that has caught Fazwan’s and my eyes? The Intensive Plan.

For just $120 a month, here are the benefits that you get:

  • 12 months Unlimited facial treatments

  • Get 50% off all add-on boosters

  • One-time Welcome 30% Discount of all IRÉN products

  • Best of all, you get to share it with one friend!

This price of $120/month is only valid from 15 July - 14 August 2019 though. The normal price after this launch period is $140/month - which is still pretty affordable - but we all want as much discounts as possible, right?! Hehe. Well, Fazwan and I are definitely looking to sign on for this because a) we need flawless skin for the wedding and b) if you think about it - unlimited facials for a year for just $60 per person each month is crazy cheap!!!!

Drawing a comparison with the world of fitness, Face Shower Bar invented HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training to deliver maximum results by staying consistent at taking care of your skin. The Skin Gym Programme HIIT Plan helps people like me, who don’t have time (or the patience) to attend long monthly sessions just getting minimal results, to get maximum results in a short period of time. Sessions are done weekly to stay consistent, short bursts of treatments that only lasts 30 minutes, making it super convenient and you get to see results in just one month.

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!

First time customers who quote <NMFREEB> will get to enjoy 1 x Signature Hydra Cleanse Facial and 1 x Free Machine Booster Treatment the following treatment for just $48! If you’re unsure which machine booster treatment if right for you, don’t worry! One of the Face Shower Bar Beauty Advisors will recommend one to you, based on your skin concern and condition :)

This promo code is only valid from 15 July 2019 - 14 August 2019 so don’t procrastinate! Go go go and give it a try. It’s not everyday that you will get to enjoy such great treatment and service for less than fifty bucks. Originally, it will cost you more than a hundred for this treatment and even on websites like Vaniday, the discounted price is $68.


That’s it! I hope that my review has been informational for all of you who have been contemplating about Face Shower Bar by IRÉN. Do tag me or#mimsyrecommends if you actually tried the treatment and don’t forget to tag Face Shower Bar on Instagram or Facebook as well :) Enjoy your facial, ladies!