Review: Kaili's Fish Market Cafe (Perth)

When some of my friends got to know that I was going to be in Perth, many of them suggested that I grab a bite at Kaili's and spend some time at the harbour. It is indeed pretty well known among the tourists and I'm sure you must have seen shots of their amazing seafood on your instagram feed at least once in your life. It was definitely in my places to eat at list while I was there and I didn't regret dropping by for a bite at all.

Kaili's Fish Market Cafe

46 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

After dropping off at the train station and exploring the surroundings of Fremantle, we got hungry and head on over to the harbour, as recommended by many. There are tons of seafood restaurants that you can choose to dine in here but one that stood out in particular among all the recommendation was Kaili's. It wasn't that hard to find because Kaili's located distinctively at the corner of the harbour and takes up a building on it's own.

Personally I love places that show visual representations of what's on their menu. 

A dustbin in the shape of a shark. How apt!

I swear I actually saw one of the tentacles move.

There is quite a variety of items for you to choose from and it could get pretty confusing or overwhelming when you first enter because there are two different major queues. However, just pop a question to the crew on duty or ask anyone in line and they will tell you - one for the main menu of platters and such and another one for selective barbecued food and ice cream. They even had something called the fish and chips ice cream, which we never got into trying but now that I think of it, I definitely would the next time I'm here!

The indoor seating is great during winter cos it's warmer with the radiator on, but it can get pretty overwhelming with the noise + smell so we opted to sit at the outdoor seating area, which was definitely less crowded during the winter. It's mostly occupied by tourists because a) I guess locals aren't as fascinated by the harbour as we are and b) there are tons of seagulls trying to eat your food if you leave it unattended or if you feed them - which, tourists tend to do and will in return result in more seagulls attempting to take a bite off your fish and chips!

But despite being constantly interrupted by these seagulls, many tourists still choose to dine alfresco because of this:

The view of the decks that you get to enjoy while sitting by the side of the cove. I mean, personally for me, I can't think of anywhere to experience in Singapore, other than at ONEΒ°15? It's not even the same concept because back home, it's leaning more towards the lavish and luxurious lifestyle whereas here you get to watch some boatmen at work + enjoy the vast blue sky with constant honking of boats docking. Although there is still this sea stench, you kinda get used to it after awhile. You gotta experience it once when you're in Perth to understand what I'm saying.

I am allergic to seafood but calamari rings are my favourite!

We got so hungry til we didn't even bother to take a proper shot of the food when it all arrived. The presentation of the food could definitely be better but generally, for four pax we spent around AUD45 (approximately SGD50) for the whole fried seafood platter + drinks + sides, which wasn't so bad because an average meal in Perth costs around AUD10 per person.

I decided to publish this today because I woke up missing Perth and I've only written a few posts about my last trip there - most of which can be found under the Perth tab. I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I visited - so I definitely cannot wait to go back there for my graduation next year! Til next time, safe travels, always! β™₯