What I Ate In Perth, Western Australia

That is pretty much what I was busy with throughout the entire trip - talking and eating at the same time. Honestly, finding halal food was much easier than I had expected. The level of ease and accessibility is obviously not as high as when we're in Singapore or Malaysia, of course, but it was not entirely impossible. I guess I totally underestimated this angmoh country. 

On the night we landed, it was cold and windy and we were starving with no sense of direction whatsoever. That was until we stumbled upon the doors of Shenton Kebabs - definitely a lifesaver during the trip. We ended up coming here quite a number of times throughout our stay. The food was good and the shopkeepers were friendly, so we didn't see why we shouldn't. I wrote a short review about it here

Red velvet cookies with cream cheese in between. Got this from the neighbourhood grocery store called "Woolsworth". Sinful, definitely. But it's best shared. I'm not a sweet tooth and got tired of this after a few bites. We ended up still having leftovers after a week. 

This was how my breakfast looked like on most mornings. It was too cold throughout the night, so obviously, being the lazy girl that I am - I couldn't be bothered to wake up and whip a proper / warm meal. This made do for a week. The coffee is really good though - 750ml of caffeine can be a little bit much for some but it was perfect for when I'm waking up to do some studying or work.  

From one of our lunches at the well known harbour called Fremantle. This was from when we dined at Kaili's Fish Market - one of the many seafood restaurants located at the Fremantle harbour. Definitely my favourite place out of all the restaurants we ate at. I can't believe I didn't take any photos at Cicerello's but I wrote a review on Kaili's here.

Also located at Fremantle, this is a quaint little churro cafe called San Churro. We were trying to avoid the cold and took a pit stop here to enjoy the warm churros. I also tried the Spanish latte. There  are many other outlets across Australia but we enjoyed our visit here, and I wrote a review about the Fremantle outlet here.

A warm curry potato pastry that I bought while on our short hike through Whiteman Park, en route to Caversham Wildlife Park. Pretty pricey - approximately SGD6 for this - but it was the only stall available in the middle of a white forest, so I didn't really have a choice. 

Some Chicken pizza and Spinach gozleme from the same kebab shop that I mentioned earlier. Seriously, just look at them. I could really use these warm and convenient meals for buka. I don't know why I just can't seem to find any shops selling gozleme in Singapore. Please do comment below if you know where I can get some. I miss the food already.

It's nothing much, but I realise that I have been writing these "What I / We Ate" posts for quite a while now. I love writing this series. It can be exceptionally hard to find halal / vegetarian food when you're in an unfamiliar country. Reading blogs helped me plan my trips, and this is why I'm writing today - to continue helping others, just like how others had helped me! 

I'll be heading back to Perth in September for my graduation, insha'Allah. Let me know if you guys are looking to find out more information about anything or if you have any questions about Perth, don't hesitate to comment or email me if you're shy. Hear from ya'll soon! :)